Most building projects end up in some form of dispute whether it is a mediation, a full blown legal action or simply disagreements. One of the most important things that you can do to minimise disputes is manage the communication between you and your builder.

Wherever possible it is important to eliminate all the “he said”, “she said”, “who said”, “they said”. Consolidating all your communication within CATCheckpoint is a really good start. If you do have verbal communication then confirm your discussions in writing.

Access communication from the phone app, the web app and your email (a copy always goes to both your and the builders email).

Software is only as good as the practical and hands on knowledge of the people who designed it. This system was designed by construction professionals who have documented thousands of defects and are experts with the challenges of managing your builder and getting contractors to finish remedial work. This tool can strip a lot of hours from an arduous administration process.

Notify Contractors About Inspections
Once you have completed an inspection notify the contractor, this tells them how many defects you have identified and when you require defects to be completed. Now sit back and relax and monitor the contractors progress from the comfort of your desk. Once they send you confirmation that they are completed a re-inspection can be organised and you can track any additional inspections and on charge where relevant.