Checkpoint Defect Management – Home Edition

Defects identification and remedial management are a serious problem for most building projects worldwide whether it’s a house or a high rise. The time and cost impact on builders, clients and subcontractors is high and typically there is no budget or if there is, it is unrealistically small. Remedial Management is a cost overrun on most projects for all parties and an on-going source of aggravation. Checkpoint Home Edition is your solution.

If remedial work was priced into an estimate then a builder would never win a job. 

CATCheckpoint is a web-based defect identification and remedial management system for construction projects and has roles for builders, clients and subcontractors. We offer you a residential version of a tried and true commercial system so no job is too small or too big therefore practical and affordable for any size of building project whether its a new build or an extension.

The main cloud-based system has an Android phone companion that allows you to identify and update defects while on site. From the web system you can get reports, analysis, detail and updates. It’s awesome as it allows you to know where all actions are at with a glance.

We appreciate that a vast amount of time gets caught up in remedial management and CATCheckpoint is designed to minimise that time commitment. Notifications up and down the chain ensure re-inspections are no longer completed without confirmation from the contractors first. Progress and performance can be monitored from the comfort of your desk

Project set up is simple and targeted, with the hard work of list compilation being done for all of the typical items. Sadly, the defect items do not change much from house to house, in fact it is boringly repetitive. Simply define the  location structure (names of rooms or areas) and select relevant lists for your house. The objective is for you to do an inspection without having to type, instead selecting relevant items from the prompts provided and take a photo for clarification. Really smart.


“Manage your communication with the builder and keep it all together in one place”

“Identify defects on your phone direct from the site”

“Checkpoint Home Edition will assist you to get the quality you are paying for”

“Monitor the builders remedial progress and the builders turnaround time”


“Enter inspections direct from site using your Android phone”

“Send notifications to your builder, he can reply, keep a record of all communications, this helps to minimise disputes by eliminating the “he said, she said”

“Have a quick look at a video